Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How Many Hours A Day Are You Doing Money Making Marketing Activities?

The more hours a day you are doing true money making activities, the more money you will make. Sounds obvious right? Most business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs will acknowledge this sounds correct; however, in daily practice they often put less than a single hour of money making into action.

For example, consider the following "usual" morning activities:

* Checking voicemail
* Checking email

These are perhaps the worst two daily activities to start with. Checking email and voicemail are not marketing activities that will bring you new business. For those people reading this going "I get business from my email", I would also say you get 95% junk and problems in your email as well. Instead of diving into fighting fires from your voicemail or sifting through the endless piles of junk in your email, put marketing to work for you daily.

Before I share with you key business marketing activities, here is the correlation of hours spent on marketing to yearly income.

* 1 hour = $100,000
* 2 hours = $250,000
* 3 hours = $750,000+

It really is that simple. Now, this is not 10 minutes here, 5 minutes there, this is focused work. Focused work on your marketing and conversion strategies. No time for talking at the coffee pot, no time for checking the faxes that came in, just time dedicated to generating more business. Oh, and you can't put your 3 hours in, in the afternoon. The money making marketing activities need to be done before lunch.

Here are the activities you can put into action to get to your million dollar business.

1. Phone Calls - Outbound phone calls to new prospects. Whether your prospects are dropped right in a database or are printed out on paper it doesn't make a difference. When you can get on the phone with potential customers for three hours a day you will be on the way to your million dollar business. Ask them interest piquing questions, pound on their pain, and give them choices on how they can do business with you.
2. Online Marketing - No goofing around here by checking endless reports. You should check the performance of your sites daily in the afternoon. In the morning you can focus on writing new pages for your site, writing new ads for Google/Bing, creating new ads for Facebook, etc. Keeping your online marketing fresh will keep leads pouring in.

These are just two business marketing activities that you can do daily to have a powerful net income. The more you keep the focus and the more action you take before noon, the greater your income.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HST confusion abounds in Ontario

It seems that the majority of Ontarians still don’t get it.

According to a recent Ipsos Reid survey, 56 per cent of Ontarians still mistakenly believe that the harmonized sales tax (HST) applies to the full purchase price of an existing home.

In truth, the tax only applies to the transaction fees for existing homes, and applies to the full price for new homes.

Since the average price of a resale home in Ontario is roughly $330,000, the majority of the survey’s respondents thought they would have to pay an additional $40,000 to purchase the home, according to the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA).

The association says the province’s Realtors are become increasingly concerned that this persistent confusion is in fact dampening the housing market.

"We see it on the front lines every day. Clearly, Ontarians still don't know what the HST covers and what is exempt," OREA President Dorothy Mason said in a news release. "This is not helping the housing market, and it's not helping the Ontario economy. This confusion means that many buyers think the cost of a resale home is tens of thousands of dollars higher than it actually is.

"We're doing our part to inform our clients, but we shouldn't have to do it alone. We're calling on the Ontario government to launch an immediate public awareness campaign to educate taxpayers and end the HST confusion," said Mason.
Ipsos Reid surveyed 830 Ontarians, between October 4th and 11 th, on behalf of OREA. The estimated margin of error is +/-3.8 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.