Saturday, December 4, 2010

What Are The Biggest Problems On Your Website? 3 Items To Generate More Sales Now

At this point, most businesses have a website. Whether you have been in business 3 months or 30 years a website is now a MUST when it comes to marketing. The challenge for many entrepreneurs, business owners, and even sales professionals is that their website is an expense. Each month they pay $20, $70, $100, or even $250 a month and not a drop of business comes in. Most people accept this as "normal" for websites.

Let me share with you a very simple idea: A website is NOT an expense.

Your presence online should generate income for you. Each month when you invest "X dollars" you should get 3X, 4X, or even 10X dollars back! For some businesses their website should bring in more foot traffic. For other types of businesses their website should bring in leads. Other types of businesses should make sales monthly just from their website, when they follow the right rules.

Instead of throwing money at your site monthly, make it work for you. While there are dozens of challenges that usually can be fixed, I invite you to consider the following three to fix immediately with your website. When you can fix these three items you will be on your way to having a business website that generates leads and sales monthly.

1. How Easy is it for Someone to Contact You? - For a local business this often comes down to displaying the phone number and address in a prominent place. When you want more people coming by your store, make it easy for them to reach out and come directly to you. Have a section with maps, cross streets, and even photos of your store so it's easy for them to recognize. Make sure your phone number is displayed in the header on each page so they are only a click away from calling you.

2. Who Is the Website About? - Tragically most websites are too much about the business. They feature stories about the owner, products, and services, etc. While this information is necessary it shouldn't be the biggest portion of any site. Consider adding content that focuses on your customer, there challenges, and then give them an opportunity to solve those challenges with what you are offering.

3. What is Your Traffic Plan?
- You can build a great site, but how are people going to find out about it? Instead of counting on one source of traffic consider having a balanced attack. Identify key areas of traffic from SEO, pay per click, blogging, social media, and more. Put 1-2 traffic sources into action immediately. Optimally you will have a minimum of 4 traffic sources running constantly.

When you make it easy for people to contact you, focus your website on your customer, and have a balanced traffic plan you will be on your way to generating more business from your online presence.

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Todd Bates is a national Marketing and Business coach. Through his programs, such as Todd Bates Systems, he shares innovative systems to help businesses owners and sales professionals dramatically grow their sales.

His systems cover a broad base from sales conversion to marketing on a budget. The strategies that he shares have enabled him to net over 1 million dollars a year since the age of 24.

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