Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shopping for a holiday tree?

Under ideal conditions, a fresh cut tree can last up to two weeks in your home. Follow these tips for choosing and maintaining a fresh holiday tree:

• Buy from a reputable tree seller.

• Inspect fresh trees by lightly shaking them or pulling on the needles. A fresh tree should hold its needles and show no signs of browning.

• Make a fresh cut in the bottom of your tree when you get home. Secure it into a sturdy base that contains water.

• Always keep the end of your tree just below the water line to prevent it from drying out. Check water levels often.

• Place the tree away from furnace vents, fireplaces, radiators and heat-generating appliances, including televisions.

• Decorate with energy-saving lights that give off little heat; unplug all tree lights before going to bed or leaving your home unattended.

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