Thursday, December 10, 2009

Should you switch to Windows® 7?

According to the most recent REALTOR®.org Technology Report1, 63% of real estate professionals surveyed are still using Windows® XP and 31% are using Vista. That translates into a large number of potential users who are faced with the question, should I switch over to Windows® 7? We'll give you the facts and let you decide.

What the reviewers are saying

It's often what the technology critics say that give us the insights to make our buying decisions. If you're considering making the switch, many of the reviewers are certainly in favour of persuading you to do just that. Read their comments:

1. "After using pre-release versions of Windows® 7 for nine months, and intensively testing the final version for the past month on many different machines, I believe it is the best version of Windows Microsoft (MSFT) has produced. It's a boost to productivity and a pleasure to use." —Walt Mossberg, Wall Street Journal (10/7/09)

2. "…Windows® 7 is more than just spin. It's stable, smooth, and highly polished, introducing new graphical features, a new taskbar that can compete handily with the Mac OS X dock, and device management and security enhancements that make it both easier to use and safer." —Seth Rosenblatt, CNET editor's review (7/31/09)

3. "Windows® 7 is… —a solid OS with plenty of modern eye candy that mostly succeeds in taking Windows usability into the 21st century….Upgrade without trepidation, people. With excitement, even." —Matt Buchanan, Gizmodo (8/5/09)

What you can expect once you switch

Windows® 7 Professional and a new HP Business Desktop or Notebook PC gives you the power to:

• Boost your efficiency: A new HP PC with Windows® 7 Professional can run up to 330% faster than your old computer while using up to 55% less energy2.
• Work faster: Check your e-mail, calendar or contacts without booting up your notebook PC using HP QuickLook 33.
• Work longer: Enjoy improved battery life. Power management is built into Windows® 7.
• Save time: Start your PC quickly with speedy start-up, shutdown, sleep and resume from standby.
• Work from virtually anywhere: HP laptops work anywhere you have cell phone service with Gobi Global mobile connectivity4.
• Get more protection:
- Windows Defender helps protect you from spyware and malicious software.
- HP 3D DriveGuard protects your hard drive, and the information on it, from drops and shakes.
- HP File & Disk Sanitizer5 enables you to completely remove confidential files after you no longer need them.

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