Thursday, March 11, 2010

5 Tips For Attracting Great Traffic to Your Website Regardless of Your Small Budget

Online business owners need to drive traffic to their websites. But many people have financial constraints to pay for advertising. Even though there are many strategies for driving traffic to a website, the final strategy depends on the time available as well as your budget to grow your online business.

This article outlines the most cost effective strategies for generating visitors to your website.

1. Give free reports and articles

People like freebies. So offering them with your website URL included, the freebies become an effective and cheap way to increase traffic to your website.You can write short and useful reports containing your website link and offer them for free. You can put these reports in a website where the visitors can leave their email address before downloading the articles or reports. This can help you build a list easily.

2. Blogging

This is also an effective strategy for increasing traffic to your website. You can describe the products and services you offer in your website through blogging. Add some links on your blog to your website. Regular blogging with fresh content will result in indexed website by search engines. Your website will rank high on the search engines and this increases visitors.

3. Publish your own newsletter

A better place to regularly offer free content and tips is your own newsletter. This will help you build traffic. Your newsletter should contain links to your website so that many people who read the newsletter can visit it.

4. Start your forum related to products and services offered in your website

You establish yourself as an authority in your topic if you have your own forum on your niche. If you assist people in your niche by giving answers to their questions in the forum, traffic is drawn to your website. This will be a result of your website URL in your signature in forum posts.

5. Trade links with websites with high popularity ranking

Search for websites related to what you offer on your website and exchange links with them. This works effectively if the sites rank high in the search engines. After you have done that, some visitors will come as a result of the websites with which you exchanged links.

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