Saturday, March 13, 2010

Listing Descriptions - 5 Strategies to Improve Your Quality

Are you still writing the same enthusiastic listing descriptions as when you first started in the business, or are they starting to look a little stale? Poorly written listing descriptions will cost you buyers as surely as poorly taken pictures will. Below are some tips to make your descriptions more effective.

1. Pull out a thesaurus. Don't write beautiful and gorgeous for every listing you take. They are not all beautiful and gorgeous. If you think they are, use different words for the same meaning to break up the monotony of your text.

2. Make sure you are listing some of the best features into the description as teasers, but leave some room for imagination. You don't want to give it all away. If you do, the buyers have no reason to contact you.

3. Be creative when describing a home, but also be truthful. If a living room is small, use cozy. If the windows are older, just comment on how much light they let in. No need to stress the negatives. The buyers will do enough of that when deciding on the offer they will make.

4. Be enthusiastic and passionate about your work. People love working with people that love what they are doing. If you convey that enthusiasm and passion in your listing descriptions it will show your sellers how much you love your job, and bring you more buyers as well!

5. Proofread, proofread, proofread. Nothing shows a lack of professionalism or lack of effort more than misspelled words. Start at the bottom and read it right to left, bottom to top. When proofreading it helps if the words are out of order. If you read in the normal manner then you will usually see only what you expect to see, not the errors in your description.

Writing effectively, even if it is just a paragraph for a listing description, is part of what makes you a great agent. Buyers and sellers want the best agent they can find to list and sell their homes. Don't let poor writing hold you back.

Serita Diana has 5 years experience in the real estate industry. She was also fortunate enough to participate in the Mike Ferry assistant training program, and is now the owner of Executive @ssist, specializing in real estate virtual assistance and assistance to the small business owner. In addition to her real estate experience, Serita also has an AA in Business Management. Serita is also an instructor for Academy of Virtual Entrepreneurs, where she instructs other aspiring REVAs how to be great real estate virtual assistants. For more information about Serita visit, or if you are interested in classes please visit

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