Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Buyers Agent or Multiple Representation?

Q: Why should I work with one agent when buying a home? Isn’t it better to keep my options open by having multiple agents send me information about available homes?

A: Loyalty is a two-way street. A good agent will bend over backwards for his or her client, as long as the agent knows that the client won’t defect to another agent once the perfect home is found. When a great listing comes on the market, who do you think the Realtor will call first, a client who is working exclusively with this Realtor, or someone who told the agent “call me if you find something interesting” and is juggling several Realtors at once? You’ve guessed it; the loyal client gets the first call.

Choosing a Buyer’s Agent to work with exclusively benefits both of you. You get a professional who is obligated to find you the home you’ll fall in love with, answer any questions or unknowns about the process, negotiate on your behalf, take care of all the paperwork, and look out for your (not the seller’s!) best interests. The agent gets the peace of mind of knowing that after working hard to find you your dream home, he or she will get paid. That sounds pretty fair, doesn’t it? And since the seller, not the buyer, pays the agent, it is hard to understand why any buyer would not want to have a dedicated Buyer’s Agent at his side.

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