Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Canadian Mortgage Study

With historically low interest rates now rising, you may want to consider refinancing or renewing your mortgage now. This newsletter highlights four key things Canadians look for from their mortgage professionals.

Canadians speak out on what's most important to them:

Maritz Research Canada recently conducted a study of 2,000 Canadians. Part of the study focused on Canadians' specific feedback regarding how they choose their mortgage professionals and their experiences with those professionals.

The research concluded that consumers who understand mortgage broker services rated brokers very high compared to other mortgage channels. Consumers also indicated four key things which are important or very important to them when choosing a mortgage professional:

1. 97% of consumers said "The ability to offer low interest rates;" 58% indicated that mortgage brokers had better or much better rates

2. 96% of consumers said "Took time to understand my financial situation;" 46% responded that mortgage brokers were better or much better at understanding their needs; 54% said that mortgage brokers' access to a wide selection of products was better or much better

3. 95% of consumers said "Quality of customer service;" 42% indicated that mortgage broker's customer service was better or much better
4. 94% of consumers said "Mortgage industry knowledge;" 48% said that mortgage brokers were better or much better at helping them understand mortgage options.

The study results suggest that Canadian consumers who refer their family and friends to Mortgage Brokers can help them save money and get better service.

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