Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Home Insurance Checklist

Be prepared. These are some of the basic questions you or your clients may be asked in their application for insurance:

  • How old is the home? (years old or built in)

  • What is the construction type of the home? (Brick veneer, cinder block, wood frame, etc.)

  • What type of roof does it have? (Shingle, steel, shake, etc.)

  • How old is the roof?

  • What is the estimated replacement value of the home?

  • Is the home connected to municipal services or on a septic and well system?

  • What type of heating system does the home have? (Oil, electric, solar, etc.)

  • Is there any form of wood burning appliances in the home?

  • Is it certified?

  • What type of electrical entry is there? (110V, 220V)

  • How far is the home from the nearest fire hydrant of fire station

  • What type of plumbing does the home have/ (Cooper, ABS)
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