Monday, August 8, 2011



When you take an incoming buyer call, what are your selling?

Most agents say that they are selling “themselves”. Sorry to burst your bubble, but buyers aren’t looking to buy “you”; they want to buy a house.

So what’s the value proposition you offer to the buyer over the phone?

Believe it or not, it’s the benefit of meeting with you! You must clearly articulate why it would be beneficial for them to meet with you. Your objective is one thing and one thing only, an appointment.

I call it the “Elevator Speech”! You have exactly the time it takes from the 1st floor to the 5th floor to tell them what it is you do, why you are unique and special and why the “Buyer” needs to meet with you! That’s it...period! Right again, about 20-25 seconds.
Your next tip I will provide you with some of the benefits you can verbalize to a potential buyer over the phone to secure an appointment.

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