Monday, September 28, 2009

Coaching Tip & Strategies #11


Buyers can be very time consuming, if you don't have a specific SYSTEM in place.

Your next series of tips will take you through a system that will funnel well qualified buyers your way, increase your conversion rates and decrease the amount of time you have to spend with them.

How are you currently generating your buyer leads? Rather than sit back and wait, our market demands ACTION! Now is the time to really sit down and think of various "systems" that you could put into place that will garner these leads even while you might be away. Yes, you oversee the system and the system does the work!

Here are some ways to consistently generate buyer leads.

Homebuyer seminars
For Sale by Owners that want to buy another house
Open House
Sign Calls
Ad Calls
Internet Leads
Referrals from Past Clients
Your Mortgage Broker
Your Real Estate Lawyer
Relocation Referrals
Your next tip, I will discuss call conversion.

I hope you find this information useful. Thanks for stopping by.

Constantine Isslamow


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