Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coaching Tips & Stragegies #22


Getting listings will be one of your toughest objectives to overcome and learn. You will face learning “new” skill sets for any of the following in all your daily activities and in your career. So why then is getting listings tougher?

You have to be more skilled! Here are the critical steps to getting listings.

You have to prospect everyone
You have to follow-up
You have to present
You have to handle objections
You have to close
You have to market the property
You have to service the listing
You have to negotiate
You have to know the market
You have to get the home sold!
Your next tip I will start you down the path of a productive listing presentation. Until then I wish you all continued success.

It's Your Career - I'm Here To Support YOU!,

Constantine Isslamow

Real Estate Broker/Mortgage Broker/Manager

Century 21 United Realty Inc. Brokerage/CENTUM Core Financial Inc.

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CENTUM Core Financial Inc. Brokerage License #: 10642 Constantine Isslamow License#: M08005391

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