Monday, November 9, 2009

Coaching Tips & Strategies #37


Step 14 of the listing presentation.

Explain to the seller what happens next, all the way through to closing.

Pretty simple in theory, but a time that you must use to make them aware of everything that goes on during the marketing and sale process; and everything you could think of that might not go right!

First, let’s focus on the initial steps of marketing the house. You will want to create a checklist to use that provides these steps. Here are some examples:

When does the sign go up?
When is the first ad submitted and where?
When will photography be completed?
When will the property go into REALTOR®.ca?
When will the key-box be installed?
How often you will communicate with them?
What happens when we get an offer?
The above is for guidance purposes only for the listing presentation. Develop your checklist that maps the steps you are going to take.

Examples of what could go wrong! “Why, you ask me, would I tell and of my sellers any of these examples?” “My answer would be, “What would they think if you didn’t tell them!!!”

We could get a buyer all the way up to escrow and they back out. It’s a possibility and we’ve seen it happen before!
We may see a low offer. That’s o.k., we don’t have to accept it. Counter!
Agents may leave a light on or a door unlocked after showing the property.
Your next tips are a couple final pieces to the puzzle of the listing presentation that you will find helpful. Until then I wish you all continued success.

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