Thursday, November 19, 2009

Did You Know Nar Survey Of Realtors 2009

Typical REALTOR has 10 years experience
REALTORS in the business for 16 or more years reported that 23% of their business originated with referrals from past clients
Typical REALTOR is affiliated with an office with median of 23 agents
25% of REALTORS have spent 11 or more years with their present firm
60% of REALTORS are female
Median age increased in one year from 52 to 54 years of age
Typical REALTOR is 54 year old white female who attended college and is a homeowner
72% of REALTORS are married
Less than 50% of those surveyed reported that real estate was their primary source of household income
Typical real estate agent has 7 years of experience
82% of REALTORS specialize in residential brokerage
75% of REALTORS use a laptop computer, digital camera, or cell phone daily
Technologies in declining use by REALTORS are non-smart cell phones and fax machines
Technologies in rising use are Smart phones, Instant Messaging, Texting, GPS, and Social Media websites
Email has superseded the phone as the most common means of communication between REALTOR and client
60% of REALTORS have a personal website
35% of REALTORS use Social Media sites regularly although over half those surveyed planned to use Social Media going forward
Only 7% of REALTORS actively blog
REALTORS with 16 years or more experience reported 50% or more of their business from past clients and referrals
44% reported receiving some business from Open Houses
Typical REALTOR received 4 leads from their website in 2008
REALTOR income of $74,000 for those 2 years or less in experience
Typical REALTOR reported working 40 hours a week in 2008

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Source: 2009 NAR Member Profile Survey

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  1. Great information Constantine. I'm stunned that only 60% of agents have personal websites and that only 7% actively blog. These numbers should be WAY higher.